Chocolate fudge brownie bites

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This product has a minimum quantity of 8

Delicious, handmade chocolate brownies. Made to our own special recipe, you really will taste the difference. Great as a treat, or as a simple but perfect dessert. This is a smaller portion to our original brownie platter, this amount is a perfect amount to compliment an afternoon tea and coffee. 

The platter comes topped with sweet strawberries & icing sugar.

Double chocolate: gooey, fudgy and fabulous – topped with dark chocolate buttons.

As a rough guide, this works out at about 2 small cubes per person.

The price quoted is per person.


*Allergens present in this product are as follows. Our kitchen uses a range of different products, including some of those listed below. Although the greatest care is taken, we cannot guarantee 100% that traces of allergens we have not listed below will not be found in these products. If you have an allergy, please notify us at the time of ordering.

Chocolate fudge brownie bites –

Wheat (cereals containing gluten), eggs, milk