Finest canapés

Price: £1.40
This product has a minimum quantity of 50
These canapés are light and delicate with our top-of-the-range fillings:
Marinated Feta and Olive vol au vent (v)
Smoked Salmon, Lemon and Chive Mousse
Salsa and Chilli Cream Cheese in a Filo cup (v)
Asparagus wrapped in Ham with Hollandaise dip on Crostini
Prawn Marie-Rose and Avocado in Pastry boat
Mini Cucumber cups filled with smoked Duck and a hoi sin sauce
Mini Roasted Cherry Tomato and pearl Mozzarella Tartlets
Quails Egg and Pâté mini toast
Naan, Spinach and Halloumi Cheese
Samosa pinwheels (filled with Potato and Indian Spices)
Butter Chicken vol au vents
Mini Poppadom scoops (filled with fresh Mango, Onion, Chilli and Coriander)
Brie and Cranberry Bruschetta (v)
Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon filo cup
Suffolk Salami and Sundried Tomato on Focaccia bites
Mozzarella ball, sundried Tomato and Olive skewers (v)
This product has a minimum quantity of 50
Price Per Canapé
We suggest 4-6 canapés per person