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Dietary debate

I got inspired reading an article in the Telegraph this morning titled “Yes I’ve got a food allergy, now stop staring”

It just highlights opinion and judgement with society today on dietary requirements and customer allergens; people are treating this like just another fad, but we have experienced many customers that suffer from them and this appears to be ever increasing.

Even before the new regulations were enforced at the beginning of the year this was something Origin8 took seriously with care and consideration.

One of things that Origin8 pride themselves on is the ability to accommodate any dietary requirement requested by our customers and to ensure we are still providing great tasting and local options to these guests. We don’t see this as an obstacle and never want these customers to feel isolated from the rest of the party. The kitchen will make the platters clear so that any guests with dietary know what they can and can’t have; alternatively we are happy to create a separate meal!

Something strange has happened over recent years. Just as restaurants & catering companies have woken up to the need to cater for allergy sufferers, attitudes towards allergies have soured. A host of top chefs recently scorned new EU legislation that requires restaurants to indicate the presence of common allergens in their dishes. Where once was curiosity is now irritation. Quite a shocking revelation I’d say and certainly not echoed in this premise!

Dr Adrian Morris, allergy consultant at London Medical Centre stated “A huge percentage of the population are now self-diagnosed Coeliacs. There is an epidemic of gluten ‘intolerance’ sweeping through the nation. Going gluten-free is currently very popular and fed by the media.”

Despite facts and figures I think the key message is to stick to the ethos of keeping your customers happy and providing them with an exceptional service and overall experience with your company. This involves patience and adapting to the evolving dietary specifications; all about keeping an open mind and turning problems into a solution.

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