Allergen Policy

Allergens Policy

December 2014


Origin8 Deli Cafes Ltd is committed to reducing the risk to our customers with regard to the provision of food and consumption of allergens in food which could lead to an allergic reaction.

In accordance to the FSA guidelines on allergen management, Origin8 Deli Cafes Ltd recognises the following as allergens & where possible has transferred the information to our product labelling.












Sulphur Dioxide





Information regarding allergens in our products is stated on all pre packaged products in bold. Information regarding allergens on our platter service catering is available on our website listed by each product.



Origin8 Deli Cafes Ltd monitors five key factors towards successful management of harmful allergens:

1.      Supplier Product Information – Working closely with our suppliers to enable up to date and clear labelling of all products that may contain potentially harmful allergens.

2.      Good kitchen and service practices – Ensuring existing staff and new staff receive at least basic allergen training with information always available. Audits are performed to ensure good kitchen and service practices are maintained. Working closely with our EHO to ensure all current legislation is being adhered to.

3.      Managing cross contamination – Maintaining rigid food hygiene standards throughout food handling areas. Where allergenic ingredients are packaged openly, they are stored separately to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Physical segregation where ever possible within the production area is sought to at all times. All food handlers employed are trained in all areas of good food hygiene practices.

4.      Effective training – We work with both the local EHO and MAS environmental auditors. All supervisors hold a level 2 food hygiene certificate, all team members hold a basic food hygiene certificate. All food handlers adhere to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) best practice food handling standards.

5.      Good Communication – Staff are trained to escalate any concerns a customer may have regarding food intolerance to a supervisor or general manager if they are unsure of product content.