Top Tips



A popular FAQ regarding ordering on our website we get from customers is about portions and quantities. At the side of all our products you are able to add the number of quantities of the prodcut you wish to add to your basket. This relates to the number of portions ie if you order 4 quantities of cake, this will be enough cake for 4 people.. not 4 whole cakes! If you order 10 quantities of pasta salad, you will be given 10 portions of pasta not 10 bowls of pasta! 



When ordering sandwiches on our website you get one whole sandwich cut into 4 triangles for every 1 portion you order. 



We run and cater for lots of events, and seeing the summer which is party season is coming back around, we wanted to share some tips with you. Click here to see our five tips to make sure your party or event goes with a BANG!



If you have an event which needs lunch and more than 1 round of tea and coffee, our conference menus would save you money! Click here to see our full range of conference menus.