Premium Local Salmon and Venison Selections Platter

Price: £9.55
This product has a minimum quantity of 20

This is one of our signature platters. It's special, it's different, it's all local produce and we're proud of it.

Our customers tell us that it's a real talking point at meetings, especially with visiting clients. The way this platter is presented is rather like a charcuterie board, where people can help themselves to as much, or as little as they wish.

The smoked salmon is smoked at our local smokery – River Farm, just outside Cambridge. Well worth the extra cost – and it's an exceptional and memorable taste.

Due to the increasing popularity due to its leanness, Venison works great with this platter,

Smoked chicken from Bottisham River Farm Smokery

·      Plump olives – marinated in Essex

·      Handmade cheeses: Warham & Binham Blue (a creamy blue pasteurised cow's milk cheese, made by Mrs Temple's Cheeses near Wells-next-the-Sea)

Chunk of artisanal bread

A selection of local chutneys & jellies from Norfolk & Essex

To give you an idea, the platter illustrated shows enough food for five people.




*Allergens present in this product are as follows. Our kitchen uses a range of different products, including some of those listed below. Although the greatest care is taken, we cannot guarantee 100% that traces of allergens we have not listed below will not be found in these products. If you have an allergy, please notify us at the time of ordering.

Wheat (cereals including gluten), soya, eggs, celery, mustard, milk, sesame, sulphur dioxide *

*Premium local selections with salmon contains fish