Petits fours

Price: £1.45
This product has a minimum quantity of 20

Made locally for us, these small, intense bites of luxury are to die for!

Perfect with coffee or just as something deliciously sweet to round off a meal.

A selection of:

  • Miniature meringues flavoured with hazelnut cream and raspberries
  • Croquembouche with caramel and zabaglione
  • Tiny panna cotta and chocolate baskets filled with praline Irresistibly delicious

85p each petit four

Click on the box to order the number of petits fours you need. Two per person is usually sufficient.


Order must be made at least 5 days prior to delivery.

Minimum order of 20



*Allergens present in this product are as follows. Our kitchen uses a range of different products, including some of those listed below. Although the greatest care is taken, we cannot guarantee 100% that traces of allergens we have not listed below will not be found in these products. If you have an allergy, please notify us at the time of ordering.

Petit fours – Wheat (cereals containing gluten), eggs, milk, sulphur dioxide, nuts, peanuts (peanut & nut free options available), soya